Saturday, April 27, 2013

Misc. Post - "Safe Spaces" LGBT connections

As many of us have heard, RI is very close to recognizing marriage equality. There has been a ton of buzz about LGBT rights on my social media accounts. One of my friends on facebook, posted a youtube video, I did not watch it. Then another friend shared the video, too. After about ten people had recommended this youtube video, I clicked on it. It's twenty minutes long, but it's so well made. The video is a story about what life would be like if homosexuality was normal, and those who were heterosexual were the "weird" ones. It's tough to watch, because you know that the things shown in the video happen to way too many LGBT students, teens and adults. I think watching this video has helped me understand what it feels like to not have a "safe space". It has also helped me understand how to explain to others about what it must be like. I highly recommend watching it, as it has given me a better perspective on the reading and the subject. (Apparently the video has been circulating for almost a year, so if you've already seen it, feel free to strike up a conversation!)

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